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Boyne Regional Library

15 -1st Street SW

Box 788

Carman, MB R0G 0J0


About the Library

The Boyne Regional Library was first organized by the Young Adult Group (now the Young Citizen’s Group) in 1943. The Young Adult Group was lead by President Alfred J. Strachan and Secretary Margaret Burnett.

Initially all books were donated to the library because of a lack of funds. The Young Adult Group also needed a building to house their library. They asked local druggist, F.W. Humphries if they could display books in his front window. He willingly agreed and offered to act as librarian as well.

However, the library soon outgrew the front window of the ‘pharmacy’ and new arrangements had to be made. They moved to Art Hand’s Insurance office and displayed the books in the window there. He and his staff acted as librarians.

When the library outgrew the insurance office they asked if they could move into the Community Room in the Memorial Hall. Council approved on the condition that no holes be nailed into the walls. The Young Adult Group worked to make free standing shelves and they were soon able to move in. Mrs. Earl Taylor was the volunteer librarian three times a week for several years. Lucy Saunders took over as librarian after a few years.

The library soon outgrew the Community Room and they began thinking of building. Plans were made and the estimated cost reached $48,000.00. Just after this, the Young Adult Group heard that the town was building a new Post Office and they worked toward purchasing the old Post Office building. By about 1970 the old Post Office was being renovated to house the library. This included lowering the ceiling, removing partitions, redecorating, and re-carpeting.

The original Post Office was built in 1914 and opened in 1915; it was the third Post Office to be built. It was built of Tyndall Stone and brick from Medicine Hat, Saskatchewan. The clock in the tower was made by A.E. Joyce and Company of Whitechurch, England. It was shipped to Manitoba from England where they forgot to unload it and it went back to England. They realized their mistake and sent it back to Manitoba therefore crossing the ocean three times before finally reaching its destination.

In order to get provincial funding the library had to become part of the Regional Library System. This required a referendum which was passed in 1968.
The first paid librarian was Marjorie Catte, who graduated from Red River College. She began while the library was still in the Community Room at the Memorial Hall. Rosella Semple took over as head librarian.

The Boyne Regional Library board officially opened the library on November 4, 1972. On November 15, 1985, the extension including the Junior Section was officially opened by Dr. Paul Heibert.